The Work from home alternative

Empowering digital nomads and employees to choose when they work, how they work and where they work. With passport access to flexible workspaces that are close to home or anywhere that you want to work.

simplifying flexible working

Freelancers or employees simply find a coworking or flexible workspace nearby. With a passport membership, you simply book where and when you want to work for the day. You control the way you work!

Empowering flexible workspaces

Our network is designed to connect coworking and flexible workspace operators. Enabling them to be able to offer passport membership options to their members to access other spaces  within the network and also enable corporate members of the network choose the way their employees work from any member space.

managing the corporate hybrid office

Know where your employees are working at any time, whether work from home, work from anywhere or work in the office. With the office space model of Hub & Spoke v3.0, make informed decision about your office space requirements, while also improving employee satisfaction by facilitating flexible working, as not every employee has a suitable space to be able to work from home but would like to be able to reduce their commute and improve their work life balance